Why Intersekt?

Why Intersekt?

A decision to rebrand is always a tough one for any company. In an attempt to refresh the public perception of your brand you can create a gap between your good reputation and the perception of something new.

Frank had operated as Vanbetlehem Architect for more than two decades and enjoyed the benefits of a thriving practice: great clients, regular referrals, solid relationships with contractors and vendors, and of course, all of the wonderful building projects that we have been involved with over that time.

However, when Scott joined the practice the resulting growth and transformation was incredible.

It became clear that we just were becoming so much more than we had been before.

So why change?

Over the past five years our company has made a transition from an architectural firm with a custom home focus and a single principal to a consulting partnership with a focus on architectural design, construction management and brand maintenance.

The result in this change of focus has been an increased engagement in commercial and restaurant brands. This has meant a commitment to consulting and managing projects from growing Canadian companies and US firms who are committed to expanding their brand across Canada.

This transition has required a major commitment to staffing, implementation of BIM technology for design and management and a massive investment in national licensing, studio space and training.

As these changes were being implemented, as a firm we identified how fulfilling the custom home work was and how important it was to our history. We made sure to develop a business model that would allow us to provide that kind of service but in a more selective capacity to the most discerning of clients.

So, when we asked ourselves “why change”, the truth of the matter was as we moved forward to serve our clients we had already changed everything but our company name.


noun  stu·dio \ˈstü-dē-(ˌ)ō, ˈstyü-\

1:  the working place of a painter, sculptor, or photographer

2:  a place for the study of an art

verb  in·ter·sect \ˌin-tər-ˈsekt\

1:  to meet and cross at a point <lines intersecting at right angles>

2:  to share a common area :  overlap <where morality and self-interest intersect>


We decided it was more appropriate to refer to the new company as a studio because of the connotations related to art but also the insinuation of a place for learning and practicing design. We are grooming a large talented staff and committed to providing them with the tools and training to empower them to do their best design work as part of our team.


An intersection is where two lines come together or overlap.

We see intersections in architecture all the time, but we also see its importance in relationships. We see the clarity of design when our proposed solution intersects with the vision of the client. When we are working in collaboration as a member of a design team, we see the highest level of engagement occur at the points when our design intersects with our engineering and construction partners.

Quite frankly, we believe that it is at those points of intersection where the really exciting things happen on any project.

So, lots of things have changed, but what is the same?

The brand looks different; the size of our organization and our building has all changed. But all of these changes were built on the rock solid foundation of what came before.

Our goals and values are still the same.

Studio Intersekt is committed to great design that serves the purpose of a specific project.

Our clients still applaud us for our integrity and fulfilling our commitments.

We have developed our organization to be accountable at every level.

Our capabilities have been enhanced by the technology and new designers on our team, but our leadership group has tremendous talent and experience that guides our approach to design and project management.

Studio Intersekt has the experience and humility to be a leader when necessary or a role player in a collaborative design environment if necessary.

In other words, at Studio Intersekt we are committed to the highest level of professionalism and it is apparent in the way we do business.