Pizzeria Libretto Case Study

Authentic and Inventive

Pizzeria Libretto has made a business by committing to an approach that is authentic and inventive, using only high quality ingredients and a passion to exceed the needs of their customers.

This not only describes the Pizzeria Libretto approach to their food and to their restaurants, but it also describes the kind of relationship they were looking for with the company responsible for the construction of their restaurants.

Pizzeria Libretto was an up and coming restaurant in the competitive Toronto market. They designed a menu and an approach that left their customers raving and wanting more.

  • Architectural design
  • Consulting Services
  • Project Management
  • Collaboration with construction team
Growing the Brand

To listen to Gary Quinto tell the story, you can sense they greeted their growth with equal measures of enthusiasm and trepidation. They knew they needed to forge a partnership with a company that understood the Toronto market, would have the necessary restaurant experience but a flexible enough approach to help them fulfil their commitment to creating a space that would be respectful of their unique approach.

Studio Intersekt made a commitment to understand Pizzeria Libretto, their brand, their philosophy and their preferences for materials and building standards.

When we became involved with Studio Intersekt five years ago, we were looking for an experienced firm that were also up-and-coming. As we began to work with them we were impressed by their professional approach and their personal, hands on attention.Gary Quinto, CEO Pizzeria Libretto

Streamlining the Process

Now that the two companies have worked together on 3 projects, Studio Intersekt and Pizzeria Libretto have developed a shorthand when working with one another, streamlining the design and change process.

Pizzeria Libretto finds considerable value in working with a “one-stop shop” like Studio Intersekt.

There was another architect originally engaged with their first location, and decisions needed to be made regarding the engineering companies to be used on future locations.

Studio Intersekt was able to come in and work with the original designer while building a team and organizing the construction. This commitment to collaboration has allowed Pizzeria Libretto to design a streamlined process that has resulted in wonderful new locations.

We understood their passion and they put us in a role to be their expert, and then trusted our expertise to take them where they wanted to do.Scott MacDonald, Studio Intersekt, Partner
We have developed a very straight forward process and we have a real level of trust with (Studio Intersekt’s) ability to manage our engineers and contractors. We are very comfortable working together at this point.Gary Quinto, CEO Pizzeria Libretto

The Project

Studio Intersekt worked with Pizzeria Libretto and their New York Architect Andre Kikoski on their second restaurant on the Danforth, and then assisted them with their Toronto Interior Designer Bukhari Design on the planning and design of the University and King Street locations.

The Challenges

The appeal of working with 2 guys who have a passion for creating something unique and amazing is to make sure you understand how they define words like: excellence, high quality, experience.

Then, you need to understand what this food experience means to them and their customers and do your best to translate that experience into a vibrant location that serves to complement it.

Working with a small brand and construction group meant it was important to look for opportunities to augment what they already had and identify gaps in the process.

The Solution

Studio Intersekt became very hand’s on and learned what the goals were regarding the Pizzeria Libretto brand and growth strategy.

Understanding the goals and values of the company informed decisions about design aesthetics and materials.

Becoming educated on what had gone on before helped Studio Intersekt to define a process that could be scaled and leveraged to assure the best results on each of the restaurants and on future endeavors.

Early into a relationship of this nature, it was important to build trust, and become a resource that Pizzeria Libretto could leverage in their decision making process.

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The Client

In 2008 Pizzeria Libretto served their very first pizzas to the tiny community on Ossington Avenue. A few years later the community would grow and so would the spirit of Libretto, opening it’s 3rd location in November of 2014… and 4th in December 2015. The secret? Libretto aims to be loyal to what real pizza is, invented in Naples using local natural ingredients, cooked in a wood-fired oven at extremely high heat to achieve a charred, blistered crust. They use San Marzano tomatoes and fiore di latte mozzarella, brought in fresh daily. Libretto’s dough is made with naturally leavened Italian Caputo doppio zero flour. Their pizza bakes in less than 90 seconds in 900-degree wood-burning ovens, hand built for Pizzeria Libretto by 3rd generation pizza oven maker Stefano Ferrara in Naples.

Simple, Honest, and Natural.

Pizzeria Libretto takes their authentic Neapolitan Pizza seriously, following the strict rules and ingredients set out by the Italian certifiers:

“VPN Certification. AKA Real Deal Heritage Grade Pizza Napoletana as designated by the Italian Government and the European Union. Brick Oven made. Circular Shaped. Highest Standards Culinary Product. Diameter must not exceed 35 cm. Thinnest at it’s center. Charred and blistered crust. When held by someone’s hand must display high levels of softness, elasticity, and foldability. When placed inside someone’s mouth should provoke immediate and unparalleled delight.”

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