Studio Intersekt Process

Our clients choose Studio Intersekt because of our people, our experience, and our process.

We recognize that no two clients are alike, and similarly, no two projects are exactly the same. As a result, we make sure to approach our work with focus and flexibility.

To provide our clients with the best results we follow a process.

Similar to many firms our standard approach includes the following steps:

  1. Pre-design
  2. Design
  3. Documentation
  4. Approvals and Tender
  5. Construction
  6. Post Construction
  7. Additional Services

Our process is informed by the following guiding principles:

Selective — We learn about the clients we are considering doing business with and make sure that we understand their goals, are qualified to be a high performer for them. We apply this approach to our consultants as well.

Understanding — We perform due diligence in developing a solution that fits the needs of our client and the specific project before moving forward.

Communication — It is essential that roles are properly assigned to all stakeholders, regular meetings are scheduled and minutes recorded. We want to make certain that there is complete clarity regarding expectations, changes, and deadlines.

Design — We develop a solution typically in 4 steps: Functional analysis, Schematic ideations, Preliminary design, Final design presentation

Construction Documentation — Includes site visits, permit coordination and typically submission checks at 70% and 90% completion

Project Review — At the end of the project (especially as part of program), we like to review the project and the process to look for ways to improve as we move forward together

It is important to emphasize that it is not a rigid set of rules that we follow.

Instead, it is a philosophy and a series of checkpoints that helps set expectations, provides clear communication, reduces errors, and encourages collaboration. In other words, our process enables allows us to create the best solution while respecting project goals, budget, and timeline.

At the end of the day, our process creates a structure to work within, but it is the talent of our team and our experience that allows us to produce the best results.