At Studio Intersekt, we have a powerful platform to be innovators and a responsibility to do our best as industry leaders. Our goal is to embody diversity, respect and inclusion throughout our organization. We aim to approach all our work through a lens of equity, working to combat systemic discrimination and challenge the status quo. 

We recognize that more work is needed to strengthen these values and build on and nurture a corporate culture where inclusiveness and diversity are part of our day-to-day practice and not just a corporate initiative. 

Our mission is to continue building a more inclusive organization – comprised of culturally diverse backgrounds, abilities, skills and experiences – that will drive innovation and unite us to create a stronger and more resilient team. 

Studio Intersekt is committed to treating all people with respect, dignity and fairness regardless of age, ancestry, race, citizenship, place of origin, creed, disability, family or marital status, gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation. 

We are actively fostering a workplace where everyone feels accepted for who they are and where every team member feels welcomed and valued. 

As leaders in the field, we recognize that the design industries improve when we listen to, learn from, and amplify a full range of voices.

We are committed to comprehensive strategies and actions that advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in our office and within our community, taking deliberate steps and having honest conversations to make positive change happen.
Studio Intersekt stands staunchly against racism and prejudice, individual and systemic, in all its forms. Our goal is to embody diversity, respect, and inclusion as an organization. We are committed to supporting diversity in all our practices – internal and external. We have worked hard to support and foster a vibrant, inclusive workplace. We will continue to support organizations that work toward creating equality in a world where it is most definitely needed.