Longos Exterior



  • Architectural Design
  • Project Management
  • Collaboration with Construction Team
  • 12 New grocery stores
  • 6 renovations and an addition to Longo’s Gateway facility
  • Selected to develop Longo’s first “Net Zero” energy efficient store

A Family Business

Everyone feels privileged when they are invited to be part of the family.

That’s how Studio Intersekt has been made to feel over the years we have been doing business with Longo’s.

Longo’s is a 65-year-old family-owned brand that operates according to these values:

  • Genuine and Authentic
  • Accountable and Professional
  • Passionate about what they do
  • Committed and Caring
  • Lifelong Resource Learners

These are the values that guide Longo’s approach to doing business, and they mirror those of Studio Intersekt.

Growing Together

It was being in the right place at the right time.

While Studio Intersekt was searching for reputable, like-minded clients to partner with, the team at Longo’s sought an Architectural firm that could partner with them, working with Longo’s brand management team to expand their brand while remaining flexible in their approach and delivering what Longo’s needed. The rest is history!

Over more than six years that followed, Longo’s and Studio Intersekt have built over a dozen stores together, renovated several existing locations and expanded Longo’s rapidly growing Grocery Gateway facility.

Studio Intersekt has applied their design and project management process to streamline the construction process, recruit better consultants to the team, and coordinate the final production to get a Longo’s’ store built and open on time and on budget.


Trusted Relationship

Longo’s recognizes that this long-term relationship has resulted in a better process, considerable time savings and the ability to deliver against strict time constraints.

While working closely with their small construction department, Studio Intersekt has increased the value of the design and construction process because of their expertise and understanding of Longo’s’ business goals.

Studio Intersekt works collaboratively as part of the design and construction team, striving to be flexible in approach, working to understand each team member's end goals and develop solutions with all those goals in mind.

The team understands the process and clearly defines “hot spots,” and develops contingencies to keep the project on schedule despite rigid timelines.

Studio Intersekt relies on their knowledge and experience to maintain a professional and flexible approach, reacting positively regardless of the challenges or changes from project to project.

Longos Imperial

The Project

Over the last several years, Studio Intersekt has been involved in more than twelve grocery stores, 6 renovations, the expansion of the Grocery Gateway facility, and they were selected to head the team on the first-ever “Net Zero” energy efficient grocery store for Longo’s in the Greater Toronto Area.

The Challenges

Longo’s’ small construction department and working with their retail marketing consultants who required a more collaborative approach to the design process were some of the challenges.

Long planning and construction times could result in long durations between change decisions and very rigid timelines.

The complexity of their grocery stores required a high level of expert knowledge and strong communication between the architect and the rest of the construction team for the process's duration.

As a renowned family name brand with a reputation for quality, brand maintenance was of paramount importance.

The Solution

Studio Intersekt committed considerable time to understand the Longo’s brand, what was and was not working with their previous consulting team, and their long-term goals regarding brand and growth.

A commitment was made to build a strong relationship with Longo’s’ construction department and it's brand manager/ designer. The goal was to understand their capabilities and determine how Studio Intersekt could help them achieve their goals.

Studio Intersekt became involved in the design and planning process, helped recruit other knowledgeable consultants to become part of the team and worked to develop a process that addressed their concerns and provided them with the flexibility they required for future growth.

Longos Ajax

The Client

Longo’s is an independent, family-owned, leading food retailer.

Since 1956 Longo’s has built its success on a strong commitment to its vision and values. Through such commitment, Longo’s now operates 35 stores within the GTA and is continuing to grow. As they have grown, they have...

" developed a sustainability strategy comprised of 3 key pillars: Environmental Stewardship, Responsible Sourcing, and Healthy, Happy People." longos.com

Longo’s strongly believe that family values are essential to community growth. Since its beginnings, the Longo’s team continues to participate in many initiatives that demonstrate the ongoing commitment to the well-being of the communities in which they serve.

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