About us

Dedication, effort, and commitment to excellence are reflected in our continued success spanning more than 25 years in design, architecture, construction and development.

We started as a traditional architectural firm, and we have been inspired to do great work for amazing clients over the years, but we also learned some things. As the years went by, we realized that being a traditional architectural firm only works if that is the best way to serve your customers.

We realized it wasn't always the best way!

Our customers deserve our best work, more collaboration, accountability, and a well-rounded professional experience. They require more than a better-designed building; they need a partner committed to designing better solutions.

We determined that our team needed to work better together, take on more ownership of their projects, and commit to working more closely with our clients and our like-minded consultants.

Of course, you should expect any full-service consulting firm to offer creative and cost-effective solutions. However, you may not expect our level of commitment to understanding and solving our clients' problems.

We are in the solution business.

We specialize in exceeding expectations. We do that by providing a unique and customized solution to each of our client's problems. We understand and foresee challenges, and we take pride in managing expectations and maintaining objectives along the path to success.

Studio Intersekt was designed to be a better partner for our Clients' design and architectural needs across Canada.